Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I think cancer is scared to death of me

I finally had the port removed from my chest.

The port was a small medical device beneath the skin, through which drugs and chemo could be injected and blood samples taken out without the hassle and pain of a typical “needle stick.”  Saying goodbye to that port last Wednesday was last thing I had to do to really put all this behind me and move forward to tell others what I've learned in my two and a half years of battling and beating cancer... twice.  

A friend of mine asked if I thought it was gone for good. I know it is. Honestly, I think cancer is scared to death of me.

Here's something I want to pass on: There’s a new cancer medicine in trials called CV247. 

CV247 was developed by Dr. John Carter, a veterinary surgeon.  CV247 stops the spread and growth of tumors rather than killing them.  The trials were started with cancer patients at the oncology unit in Cambridge, England.  Some of the patients are still alive because their cancer was in the early stages and are still on the medication.

CV247 is holistic. It includes sodium salicylate, copper, manganese and vitamin C. 

This is really promising news.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Laugh, pray, hope

I was scanned today. It's so good to hear your doctor say, "I'll go over the scan with you if you want, but there's nothing there. You're all clear, I'll see you in May."  I did a conference call a couple of days ago with a cancer support group. Twenty-two cancer patients. They were great. I think I inspired them to fight and never give up. I made them laugh and I pray that I gave them hope.