Friday, September 3, 2010

Maintenance and Michael Douglas

Long time no blog. I've been taking some new holistic medicine. It's called Agaricus Phalloides D4. It's extract from a poisonous mushroom. This homeopathic medicine has been real successful in treating all kinds of cancer including head and neck cancer. I take 15 drops three times a day. You should only take this for four weeks, then off. I have one week left.  Even though I don't have cancer or a tumor, my doctor in Germany wants me to take this as maintenance to make sure the cancer doesn't come back.

Doctors here in the States don't think like that. As far as my doctor in Los Angeles is concerned, I'm in remission, I'm cured. I am-- but there's no preventative maintenance treatment at all.

A lot of people have contacted me about Michael Douglas. I don't know Mr. Douglas, but I got all of the information on the Klinik in Germany to a friend of his. I saw him on the David Letterman show. I wish I could talk to him. I know what his treatment is. I started the same treatment before I left for Germany. I have never been that sick in my life. Had I stayed here and continued with the full radiation, twice a day, 20 minutes a session, for seven weeks, I honestly believe I would not be typing.

Michael Douglas said he's only had one week of treatment, but after week three... forget about it.

He is in my prayers.

I've had a few emails from people who have heard that I'm sick again. I'm not. I'm actually very healthy.

I haven't been this healthy since birth!