Friday, January 28, 2011

The chemo question

The last eleven cancer patients who have contacted me have all said the same thing. They don't want to do chemotherapy. I don't blame them. Then they ask me if I know any other alternative treatment. 

Well, I'm not a doctor, and I've never even played one on TV. But I do know this: there are certain cancers and at certain stages that one needs to do chemo.  I, for example, was one of those patients who needed to receive it. However, it all gets down to the approach and the system and country you're in.  In the States, I had chemo every week for 9 straight weeks.  In Germany I only had chemo 3 times in 8 weeks. So when I'm asked about alternative treatment I always tell them to do extensive research and find the treatment that you believe is the right one for you. 

A cancer patient sent me this:

"An Italian oncologist, Dr. Tullio Simoncini, has had a very high success rate treating patients with bicarbonate of soda.

"He has a website at"

I'll say it again:  Take charge of your medical path. Be proactive and you decide what is right for you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I had "new" cancer test three years ago

Blood test to spot cancer gets big boost from J&J
Associated Press/AP Online
BOSTON - A blood test so sensitive that it can spot a single cancer cell lurking among a billion healthy ones is moving one step closer to being available at your doctor's office.
Boston scientists who invented the test and health care giant Johnson & Johnson will announce Monday that they are joining forces to bring it to market. Four big cancer centers also will start studies using the experimental test this year.
Stray cancer cells in the blood mean that a tumor has spread or is likely to, many doctors believe. A test that can capture such cells has the potential to transform care for many types of cancer, especially breast, prostate, colon and lung.
Initially, doctors want to use the test to try to predict what treatments would be best for each patient's tumor and find out quickly if they are working.

That's funny, I had that test done three years ago.

Hey, maybe next year we're going to invent a chemotherapy sensitivity test... Oh, wait a minute, I had that done three years ago too.

PS. I'm doing great. Scans are clear and I've gained 7 pounds... in a year.