Friday, September 5, 2008

Stand Up To Pharmaceutical Companies, Insurance Companies and Doctors

The Stand Up To Cancer telethon is getting underway on the networks right now.

I think it’s great to bring awareness to this disease and I think it’s great to give this money to the top research doctors across the country to try to find a cure for cancer.

But here’s my problem with the whole thing.

What about the treatments that are already available in other parts of the world?

I’m talking about the treatments that work.

Why aren’t they available here in the United States? 

Is it because some of the medicine I was given in Germany is natural and homeopathic and not controlled by the pharmaceutical companies, so insurance companies won’t cover it? 

Or is it because when I went to The Klinik, I was given one radiation session instead of  the seventy I was to undergo in the States.

Every time I ask myself this question, I keep coming up with the same answer:



When you get chemo, the inside of your mouth gets sore and raw.

Here in the States, they gave me a prescription that I finally gave up on and stopped using.

In Germany, my doctor told me to make ice cubes out of chamomile tea and suck on them.

The ice cubes worked!

So, bottom line, I think we should “Stand Up To Cancer” and “Stand Up To Pharmaceutical Companies, Insurance Companies and Doctors.”


  1. Great entry Brett. I'm rereading your blog; trying to take everything in again.