Saturday, November 22, 2008

Aloe vera, milk thistle & OxyContin

I got an email from my doctor at The Klinik today. She gave me a regimen to follow to prevent or lessen the side effects of the radiation and chemo:

Aloe vera every day for gargling and drinking
Make a high-concentrated chamomile tea extract
and gargle several times a day and clean the mouth
Boswelia 400 mg 3x2 tab
Alpha liponic acid 600 mg
Sodium selenite 300 microgramm
Vitamin B complex
Milk thistle 120 mg 3x a day

The radiation oncologist here in Los Angeles says he'll give me prescriptions for lidocaine to numb my burnt throat, and Vicodin and OxyContin for pain.


That's my point.

My doctors here would never prescribe what my doctor at The Klinik did, even if they knew it worked.

Why? The suggested regimen from The Klinik contains natural, holistic supplements that are not controlled and sold by the pharmaceutical companies.

It basically comes down to this: If the pharmaceutical companies can't control it, they can't make huge profits, and therefore would never endorse such a regimen.


  1. Brett, do you mind if I post this on the oral cancer forum I go to? I wish I would have remembered this post last year.

    The Lidocaine is horrible - it's part of "Magic Mouthwash" - my hub's taste buds died over night after using it. I don't agree with this part of treatment & urge others to find something else.