Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Trying to find fun in the pain

My jaw is killing me. It hurts just to talk. If I don't move my mouth to much to talk it's palatable. I try to find the fun in the pain and I'm becoming a very good ventriloquist. My doctor at The Klinik emailed me to say that I’ll begin amino acids IV drip treatment next week. The drips will build up the proteins in my body which will help strengthen me while helping restore my immune system, which is totally trashed. It's funny: when I look in the mirror I have a hard time seeing the old Brett. This is what I looked like before cancer and this is what I looked like after:

I was 244 pounds before. Now I'm down to 151.

Remember: Try to find the fun in the pain.

Later today, I go to the doctor for my jaw.


  1. You certainly didn't keep any weight, but you definately kept your sense of humour! I went nuts with a maginfier to see if that was really your face. Good one!

    (were you really 244 to being with, not that there is anything wrong with that?).