Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Eating by the clock

I’m back from the Beatles Fest in New Jersey. It was quite a weekend (you can read about it here).

This is “doctor week.” I went to my doctor here in Los Angeles yesterday to have my blood checked before I get scoped tomorrow.

I hate getting scoped. They scope through the nose down to the bottom of my throat-- no fun. My doctor said I looked good, but skinny. I would say 141 pounds is not my fighting weight. He asked if I was eating and my reply was, “Yeah. When I think about it.”

I'll try to explain. As I’ve mentioned before, my doctor here told me that for some unknown reason, people who’ve had head or neck cancer lose their appetite. Radiation then takes away your ability to taste. In my case, my one remaining saliva gland can’t break down certain foods, so I can't swallow them. Imagine your stomach not sending a message to your brain telling you that you're hungry.

So my doctor said I have to eat “by the clock”: Breakfast at eight, lunch at one, and dinner at seven. He's right, I know, but I'll say it again: 

It's hard to eat when you’re not hungry!

I later went to my other doctor here to have my intravenous drips of Vitamin C with minerals. I guess that since I can't have a drink, Vitamin C drips have replaced vodka martinis.

I'll blog again after my scope.