Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Farrah's legacy: "Keep fighting"

I went to say goodbye to my friend Farrah yesterday. Her funeral service was beautiful. Her son Redmond read Lamentations 3:17-26, Ryan O'Neal read Wisdom 3:1-9. The eulogies were done by Alana Stewart and Dr Piro. Both were very moving. It was strange for me in a way. Farrah and I were both fighting for our lives at the same time and she's not here anymore. When we were in Germany at The Klinik, I was only three months in to my disease-- a rookie, so to speak. Farrah had been battling her cancer for over a year. In our six-hour drive to Frankfurt, her strength, determination and fearlessness were an inspiration to me in fighting this hideous disease.

Farrah said to me, "Never, ever give up. Keep fighting."

We spoke of the need for changes in our medical system and how to make treatments that are not available in the States made available to all.

I will continue to fight for those changes in the system and more options when it comes to treatments. I promise that I will never, ever give up, and I will keep fighting until our voice is heard.

I know Farrah will be watching.