Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The answers are out there

I don’t know how people are finding out about this site so quickly. We only put it up yesterday and already my cellphone voicemail and email box are filling up with messages from people I don’t even know, asking me for information or just talking about their own experiences with cancer.

One woman wrote:

“I found your site TheKlinikMovie and read your blog. I gave a long family history of cancer. It’s something I deal with every day. Take care and God bless you.”

I hope The Klinik will reveal a lot but I can you tell you now that the answers are out there if you just look beyond what’s placed in front of you.

It’s funny. Chastity Bono called me this morning. I used to babysit Chaz when she was four! She called to say that a friend’s mother has ovarian cancer. She said, “I called my mom and got your number to ask if it’s okay if my friend’s mom calls you.” She wants me to tell her about the klinik and what it’s like and what to look forward to. I said, of course it’s all right!

That’s how it works. Just like Chastity’s mom led me to The Klinik, now I get calls. I get a lot of calls from people I don’t even know. And if what I went through can help them, I’m glad to help. I don’t know if it’s my mission, but it’s definitely my obligation now, to give something back and try to help people the way I was helped. So I’ll help the best I can and answer any emails you send.

That’s all I can do and that’s what we hope this movie will do.