Friday, January 30, 2009


They told me that the radiation would make me tired, but this is ridiculous.

I'm off the morphine suckers and the OxyContin. I’m down to three Vicodone a day and will start weaning myself from those starting on Monday. My throat is still very sore but getting better. I'd rather have a sore throat than be loaded all day by still taking those drugs. Enough chemicals. Now I’ve just got to get my strength back.

I realize that I've lost 35 pounds and haven't really eaten very much in the last seven weeks, but I have never in my life been this fatigued. My whole being is tired. So I’ll have one little rant; then I'm going to sleep.

I wanted to order one more box of the morphine suckers because if I had them, I wouldn't have to take any more pills. The good thing about the suckers is that you can use one throughout the whole day for pain and not be a vegetable from the opiates in the pills. In the meantime though, my insurance policy changed, and my prescription co-pay went away. The last time I placed an order, I paid fifteen dollars for two boxes. This time without the prescription co-pay, I’d have to pay $691.00... for one box.

This has got to change. And don't look to President Obama or any other politician now or in the future to change it. If we want this to change, it's going to have to come from us.

We, the people. Think about it.

Goodnight... or good afternoon.

And good luck.

(Side note: As much as those suckers really helped me, I refused to pay that money to that pharmaceutical company. A sore throat I can deal with. Greed, I can't.)