Sunday, February 8, 2009

Until I feel like Brett again

I saw my doctor from The Klinik in Germany yesterday. She's here in LA for a few days. She brought over some good stuff for me to take and it’s already started to work.

She’s got me taking a pill called MPA 500mg Hexal - Medroxyprogesteron Acetat once a day. It’s an antibody drug prescribed in the States for women’s gynaecological problems (medroxyprogesterone injections are used for contraception and treating endometrial or renal cancer), but in Germany, they’ve had great success using this for various cancers, including breast cancer and head and neck cancer.

She also have me a Vitamin B complex gel that comes in a tube called Mulgatol Junior. In Germany, they give it to babies to help them gain weight. It tastes like orange candy. and I can actually taste it... I think? At least I taste something. It's a 150 ml per spoonful.

The doctor also gave me a shot where my butt used to be before I lost the 35 pounds that boosts my adrenalin and helps with the fatigue and appetite. Tomorrow I will get a Alpha Lipoic vitamin shot-- also for fatigue and weight gain.

All of these drugs, natural supplements and vitamins are legal in the United States-- but not covered by insurance companies so therefore not used by doctors.

And who suffers?

The patient.

Because according to the United States medical system, I'm in remission again; I'm done.

I’m done, even though I still weigh 150 pounds, sleep 14 hours a day, can't taste anything, have one saliva gland left and eat like a supermodel-- which is my point again and again .

And again.

In the States, I'm cured. In the States, it’s now down to taking my blood and trying to keep my white count up. And that's it. They just tell me to wait for the weight gain and as far as natural supplements and vitamins go, they don't believe in that at all!

As far as my doctor from The Klinik is concerned, I'm not cured until I feel like Brett again.