Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Death card

I was talking to my brother Bill on the phone a couple of days ago about something that I think should be addressed in this great healthcare debate. I know this may sound crazy to some people, but I think you'd agree with me if you’ve been told to go home and get your affairs in order because you'll be dead within a year. I honestly think that once you are given that diagnosis, you should be able to seek out any treatment or medicine in the world, whether approved in this country or not, and have it sent to you.

My brother said, “It'll never happen. How would they monitor it?”

I said, “Issue a ‘death card.’ When your medicine arrives at customs, give them your death card to swipe, your medical information will upload, and clear you to receive the medicine.”

Bill laughed at the term “death card,” then said, “That's a great idea...

“It'll never happen.”


  1. Before anyone should be given a "death" card, everyone should have an *insurance* card. People are dying because they are not getting care in the first place. The bill that passed the House would allow those who do not have insurance the option to get it from the government. It is *not* universal health care--It is like VA hospitals or Medicare. The bill also calls for reforms for those who are lucky enough to be insured. It is time for health insurance to stop being about profit and start being about saving lives, but the bill may die in the Senate. The system is badly broken, and doing nothing will be a death sentence for many. Let's not let that happen.

  2. Indeed, a "death card" is a brilliant idea of getting the much needed medical care to the terminally ill in this country; but I have to agree with Joan E.....before we start issuing "death cards", we need to make damn sure that every single human being in this country has a health "insurance" card, enabling them to go to the doctor to seek treatment and to receive a diagnosis. Too many of those living in poverty never even seek medical care because they can't afford it; and now, with the rising unemployment rates; COBRA is too expensive to keep up with for the average these of the "new poor" fall throught the cracks.

    How disgraceful is it that this country of ours has let TOO many of it's people die for lack of any type of affordable insurance, no treatment, death. How disgraceful is it that many of those that have died are children...the future of this country....snuffed out because of greedy, money hungry health insurance companies that turned their backs on those most in need because it wasn't "profitable". They should hang their heads in shame instead of depositing profits in their bank accouts. The CEO's of this nations largest insurance companies should be made to attend the funerals of the children who died because they never received the treatments that could have saved their lives...denied insurance; denied the right to life.

    I am one of those who does not have health insurance from any of the big guns....all I have is Medicare...which I am grateful for...and oddly grateful for the disability that entitled me to it. But even Medicare has it's limitations; so I admit that I do not go for the medical care that I know I need, simply because I cannot afford it. Yes, the bill passed the House; but it has little chance of passing Congress....and that IS a "death card" for so many of us.

    We must make our voices heard for REAL HEALTH REFORM in this country....we MUST NEVER GIVE UP...our future generations depend on what we do NOW... what ACTION we take all Americans are allowed the right to medical care and treatment without it wiping a family out financially...or a family not seeking care and treatment at all.

    This system is broken; and it needs more than bandaids and antiseptic to repair it. Let us not stop our mantra....even if we must go to Washington DC to make it heard.