Friday, October 30, 2009

All clear!

I got scanned on Tuesday. I was supposed to get the results on Thursday but didn't. My brother Bill was over the house today asking about the results and I told him I hadn’t found out yet. He said the normal brother stuff like, "Are you worried?" and "How do feel?"

Well, I can't say I'm worried... a little nervous, yeah. How do I feel? It's like waiting for a death row pardon--

That's my doctor calling... ALL CLEAR!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SO happy for you, my dear friend!!

    But; was there ever any doubt...with all the prayers and positive karma filling could cancer ever have had a chance????

    Much Love and Peace,

  2. Congrats Brett! Now it's onward & upward!..
    I guess the medal I gave ya helped huh? (hehe)
    I hope all is well! Have a great Halloween & Hug Charlie for me!

  3. Oh and I love the pic!!! All of em! Especially lil Charlie!

  4. That is great news!
    I wish I had the words to express my feelings.
    Your pal, Lewis Bailey

  5. Great news Brett! So happy for you.


  6. Absolutely fantastic news!!! I've been thinking about you, praying, and wondering when you'd get the results. I knew everything would be clear!! Take care, Brett. And know that you have lots and lots of people out here who love you!!!

  7. Well, I've been praying so long and so hard, I'm not going to stop now!

    I still hope you'll tell us things like how much you weigh, how you're eating, what you're adding back into your diet. (caffeine and sugar yet? Red meat and alcohol?). Non-organics? How your memory is, your taste and sense of smell.
    It's all part of your recovery, and that is part of the journey, your journey, that you have taken us on.

  8. Brett, thank you so much for bringing the blog here & allowing comments. When I saw the all clear blog at the Klinik site, I went to your facebook page to leave you a message & was happy to see the post about here.

    After a crummy cancer week for us; seeing your news made my day.

  9. Wow look at that ~ the ability to comment on your blogs ~ What a GREAT idea wish I'd thought of it ~lol~

    Fantastic news Brett as with everyone above I'm so happy to hear it ~ but the journey is not over ~ it has just begun my friend

    Keep us updated our prayers are always with you

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