Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Awesome news

I met with my doctor from Germany yesterday. I never thought I would or could get excited about anything that has to do with medicine or treatments, but she told me about awesome news coming out of Europe about cancer and immune system treatments:

"Immunotherapy with the trifunctional antibody removal
leads to significant elimination of tumor cells
from malignant ascites in ovarian cancer"

That was the headline from the results of the first phase of a study in 2005. After phases 2 and 3 were completed, the results were so amazing that last April, the European Commission approved a drug called Removab for the treatment of malignant ascites. A few weeks later, Removab went on sale in Germany and was subsequently introduced to other European countries.

Removab is the first of a number of new drugs that use the body’s own immune system to help fight the tumor cells spread by “malignant ascites,” a condition in which fluid containing cancer cells collects in the abdomen.  It’s common in ovarian, pancreatic, colon, lung, breasts and gastric cancers.

How do I know? I looked it up.

Here are a couple of site to read so you can see for yourself:

“Trifunctional Antibody Catumaxomab Kills Cancer Stem Cells”

“Removab Approval: Proof-of-Concept for Technology Transfer in Germany”


  1. Thanks for the links Brett. I'll do my research later tonight! It's amazing that Germany, and Europe, have discovered treatments that make so much sense--if tumor cells are spread by malignant ascites then get the bodies immune system to fight them. Makes sense and they produced a drug that can make it happen! I just don't understand why our country, with our incredible scientists and doctors (and they are incredible), can't give us comparable treatments, drugs, etc., that they already have in Europe. Or, better yet, why can't we use THEIR treatments, drugs, etc.?!

    We really need to work on this--where do we start? I'm not much of a leader, so Brett, let me know what to do, O.K.?! I'm ready!

  2. that is great news! I will be looking at the links as well since our family has colon and lung cancer in it. I am with longfink, where do we start?

  3. Once again; thank you Brett for the wonderful information you give us here in the states.