Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm 80% out of the woods

It'll be two years Friday-- January 8, 2010-- since I was CyberKnifed in Germany.  According to a number of cancer specialists, I'm 80% out of the woods. One more year, four more clear scans and I'm 100% clear. Then it's one scan a year. I have another scan at the end of this month. My doctor from Germany is coming out to visit next week. She’ll take a dozen vials of my blood and send them to Greece for what I hope is my last microtumor cell testing.

Happy New Year to everyone.


  1. You never did tell us the results of the last microtumour cell test results. Did the Thalidomide work?

    The happiest of New Years for you! You can lick cancer.

  2. Wow, 2 years. I'm sure it feels like a lifetime sometimes. I'm so happy for you! And only 4 more scans. 100% is right around the corner!! Happy New Year Brett! I'll be praying for you!

  3. 2 years down; one more to go....you truly are a medical miracle man; an inspirational miracle man; a face of hope to all of us. Happy, Happy New Year, Brett...you are and will always be in my prayers....

    Now. onward and upward with the Charlie Foundation!!!

  4. I agree with Cheryl; you are a miracle! I hope to be saying the same thing about my hubby.

    Happy new year Brett